Interview: Max Anstie – almost winning the British WSX GP!

Max Anstie came so close to winning the British GP in front of a raucous home crowd who were right behind him in every gate drop, with Anstie able to take the win in one of the main events to the delight of the crowd! We spoke to Max after the press conference to get his reflections on a great performance.

Max, that was a great performance but so close to that GP win!

It’s always fun riding at home, it’s busy, we have a lot going on. Happy to come out of here as solid and as close as we were. Take it and move forward into these next few rounds. My goal is the championship and that is what I am gunning for, I just want to be solid and consistent, maximise the points and don’t do anything silly. For a home GP there is a lot on the line, it’s busy and easy t throw things away, so I am happy to come out of here at round one solid and we can move forward.

You had moment when you went for the pass on Shane at the restart, it didn’t quite work but it felt like that was the moment to win the GP, but it turned out the moment you you didn’t win it…

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Exactly, it was slick and I just slid out coming into the turn. It is what it is, you gotta go for it but at the end of the day make the most of it.

You had a great rhythm until the red flag, it looked like it took you a while to find that flow again in the restart, was that true?

It’s just a lot of stop and go isn’t it? Four times we were out and back and out. Definitely different programs, but happy with the performance.

The fans were really loud for you , I don’t know what would be like, can you tell us what it feels like?

Yeah, it was so cool and to be honest, the racing was fun, tight racing and it probably made it interesting for everyone, it wasn’t like I check out or anything. It was cool and pretty amazing for everyone to be there.

Are the three main events more physical than an AMA race or how does it compare?

No, the track is different. The track is tighter, set-up is different, it is easier to get arm pump and that kind of thing. It’s different, I didn’t feel as physically tired, I felt more mentally tired today. I think that was more just from talking and all the obligations here that I’ve had to do, it’s been pretty busy. But happy with the performance and we can move on now.

And just on the red flag you were almost jumping into that rhythm section, Mike wasn’t moving.

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I know, that was crazy to see, I don’t know what happened. He’s dad is over there I might go and ask him. I don’t know, that was not ideal to see, don’t wish that on anyone.

You have got a chance of being world champion but a long way to go!

Do the best job I can, that’s the plan, that’s the goal!

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Image: WSX