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Cooper Webb: Points-wise it was almost as good as you can get!

Cooper Webb: Points-wise it was almost as good as you can get!
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Cooper Webb spoke to the media about his second place finish at Daytona that saw him reduce the gap to championship leader, Ken Roczen, to just 2 points after a ruthless move in turn one to ensure Roczen got moved back in the pack. Webb is on a championship mission and he knows how important this stage of the season is.

Cooper, take us through that first lap. You made a really key pass on Roczen. I don’t think Roczen was too happy about it. Just take me through that move that you made there. 
Yeah, it was second turn, and I had a great start. Me and Ken and Eli were all right there. Eli was on my inside and Kenny was on my outside, so I kind of just went through the middle there and wanted to make sure I could get ahead of Ken. Just made the move right there in that second turn and then followed in behind Eli. I was a little tight there at the first half of the race. AP was riding really well and got around me. Him and Eli were really putting down some good laps there at the beginning. I had some things to figure out, but as the race got going, I started getting better and figuring some lines. I was able to make that last lap effort there at the end, which was critical. Overall, it was a good night of racing. Points-wise it was almost as good as you can get.

Just to elaborate a bit more on the pass. Did you hear anything that Roczen said from the podium after the main event at all? 
Yeah, when we got back, he was running his mouth, but I didn’t really hear what he said on the podium or anything. He wasn’t too pumped, but I’m not too sure why. I saw an opening and went for it. He’s really focusing on himself this year, and clearly, he showed how much he’s focusing on himself.

Do you think in a few weeks’ time you’ll look back and you’ll say, “This was the race that made my championship?” Do you think this was such a critical saving grace of where you finished today on the podium? 
Yeah, I would like to think so. Everyone jokes and says [the series] starts at Daytona. Every race is important absolutely, but we’re at the back half of halfway now. Plenty of racing left, but points are crucial. At this point, it can go either way. So, tonight was definitely crucial to make the most of it and get a second place. Honestly, I didn’t gel too well all day, so I was super happy with this second. Like you said, I think later down the line I’m sure that I’ll look at this race and say it was a crucial one for sure. Even just with the attitude of the championship and stuff like that. We’ll see where it takes us, but happy with the night and keep plugging away

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