Confirmed: The MXoN heading back to RedBud in 2022

It’s now been officially confirmed that the Motocross Des Nations event will be heading back to America next year and to RedBud – the same track that hosted the event in 2018. The event didn’t go to plan for America but in 2022 they’ll be motivated to try and win the event in their home country.

“The MXoN will be going back to RedBud. We had a long talk but a very very talk with AMA, MX sports the promoter in the US and the FIM also. I think after the last event some years ago it was important to consider going back to the USA and maybe on a more regular basis. We want Motocross to be more connected with the sport over there as well as here. For us it’s important to mix the riders from both places and to see the best so for sure we are very excited to go back there. RedBud is a fantastic place and it was a great success despite the bad weather we had the last time. There was a lot of people and a lot of public so we can’t wait to be there next year. I hope everybody can’t wait to go back to USA again, it’s great news”. David Luongo (Infront Moto Racing CEO) stated. 

On the MXGP calendar for the 2022 season, Luongo wants it to go back to normal in 2022 with the season starting in February, the MXoN being at the end of the season and the two day format back.

“The target for us is to go back to normal. We would like to start the season in February like it was in the past and then to end the season with the MXoN. To give us the best event possible and to have all the riders there, for sure the event will be at the end of September, this clear and this is the target. The plan is to go back to the calendar we had like in 2019, a global championship to make races in Europe but also to have races outside of Europe and to have the two day format. We need to go back to the way it was before”. Luongo added.

Pic: Doug Turney