Confirmed: KMP Honda reveal 2022 rider line up

With the end of last season, the long-time successful rider Jeremy Delince has ended his career with another highlight (overall 5th place ADAC MX Master 2021). Accordingly, the challenge for team manager Alexander Karg was to put together a powerful squad for the professional field. In the 2021 season it was the first complete participation in the MXGP/MX2 GP. What for the new season 2022 again completely Europe-wide will be tackled.

The name KMP Honda Racing should also establish itself at the highest level of motocross sport. In addition to the world championship, the team will of course be competing with a very strong line-up in the ADAC MX Masters and the accompanying classes, which are also international. In the well-staffed competitions held in Germany and Austria, the team has set itself the goal to be in the front ranks again.

As part of the world championship, we will compete in the MXGP with our newcomer Jorge Zaragoza. We would like to welcome you. Jorge Zaragoza is a promising rider from Spain and we are glad to have him for our team.

Jorge Zaragoza:
I’m really looking forward to working together and I’m highly motivated to compete in MXGP for the KMP Honda Racing Team. I am also eager to fight for the title in the ADAC MX Masters. It can go off.

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In the MX2 GP, as last year, Paul Haberland, a German junior rider will start. Paul Haberland will build on last year’s results and use the experience he has gained to work his way up the ranks to achieve successes comparable to those in Supercross. There, for example, he was already Prince of Stuttgart.

Paul Haberland:
My motivation for this season? Last season I scored points in the World Championship and won German championship rounds. So I’m very motivated going into the upcoming 2022 season. I’m aiming for top 10 in the ADAC MX Masters and more points in the GP and I’m looking forward to another season with the KMP Honda Racing Team.

The MXGP will also be the venue for the WMX Women’s World will be held. Here is Janina Lehmann new in the team which represents the team also in this series and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In the EMX250 class we are also looking forward to a new entry. With 19 year old, the Dane, Victor Kleemann joins the team. He is 2022 in the to concentrate fully on motocross and definitely wants to be among the top to be in the top 15.

Victor Kleemann:
My goals for the upcoming 2022 season are very high but I am convinced that with this team and the people who stand behind me to achieve these goals. I am happy about the chance to do motocross as a full-time full time and I will do everything I can to achieve my goals. Top 5 in the ADAC Youngstercup and Top 15 in the EMX250. I am looking forward to getting to know all the team members and that we all bring home a successful 2022 season.

Nick Domann and Pascal Jungmann will also try to score points in the strong try to score points in the strong field of riders.

In the national series ADAC MX Masters the team will be full strength. The two guys from the MXGP Jorge Zaragoza and Paul Haberland are also here and want to be in the international hard-fought international fiercely contested field to ride at the front.

However, it does not remain, another newcomer to the team in the form of Lion Florian. He was in the MX2 GP series last season. We have Lion Florian on the big bike (450cc) lifted ahead of time since we want to build in him as a great young rider. He prepares intensively on the new CRF450R and wants just like his  teammates to be regularly at the top of the field. Likewise, he will be in the Reconstruction program to participate in selected MXGP events.

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Lion Florian:
For 2022, I’ve set my sights on a top 5 finish in the ADAC MX Masters planned. My motivation can hardly be contained. I look forward every training and preparation for the upcoming season 2022. It makes me proud to be a rider of the KMP-Honda-Racing Team.

Nick Domann:
This year I’ll be riding in the ADAC MX Youngsters races and selected races in the European Championship. In the Youngster Cup I have set myself the goal of 5th place overall and in the European championship in the races in which I participate top 15. I’m ready to go – I can hardly wait to ride my red bike for the machine for the KMP-Honda-Racing Team.

Pascal Jungmann:
I have set myself the goal Top20 in the ADAC MX Youngsters and a permanent qualification at the EMX250 races. I would also bevery happy if this year KMP wins the team classification in the ADAC MX Masters.

Alexander Karg (Team Principal):
Over the years, the international popularity of the ADAC MX Masters has the field consists of many nations. We have put together a correspondingly diverse and powerful  squad for this year. I’m looking forward to working with the new
and “old” guys to work together, I think we can bring them with our professional structures. As an official Honda team, we have the claim to be well represented in all series and to ride in the front. We can count on our material, the quality and reliability of the CRF450R and CRF250R is well known. We are looking forward to the further cooperation with our existing sponsors, such as Honda the suspension specialist Öhlins and the tire supplier Gibson who help us to bring the enormous power of the machines well to the ground. With the current collections of O’Neal, Bell, Scott and Sidi is for the equipment of the Riders of course also provided for the style. We would like to thank of course also all other sponsors HGTHydraulikgreifer, Föhner-Dach and many more, which again make this season possible. So let us look forward to an action year, hopefully again with many spectators at the track.

Words: Press Release