Coldenhoff on the MXGP break and racing in October/November

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the MXGP World Championship now takes a break with a number of races being postponed and the season will now finish at the end of November.

Standing Construct Factory GasGas rider, Glenn Coldenhoff has told us he intends on keeping busy but not like during the season because of the uncertain calendar and now that the season will be so long.

“Well, it is a very strange situation. Which no one has ever dealt with before. We organise our lives based on motocross – we set goals and make schedules. We ensure that we are fit at the right time. I am currently very fit, but suddenly everything falls under our feet. There is no more planning. It is a search for structure and rhythm. There is a lot of uncertainty about the calendar. When are we going to race again? It is a difficult situation to deal with. Also mentally, we have to be strong. I keep myself busy as much as possible. Obviously not like during the season, but I keep doing 1 training a day and as soon there is more clear about the first week, I will bring back the intensity in my training schedule. Last week we still had the opportunity to drive the motorcycle, but that seems impossible in the coming weeks. All of Europe is closed. Fortunately I have a small gym at home and I can continue cycling and running. In addition, I am already trying to make plans for when there will soon be more options training – and riding wise. I try to give more attention to social media and sponsors”, Coldenhoff told 

One concern Coldenhoff has with the season ending in November is that it means they won’t have much time to prepare for the 2021 season – unless Infront decide to start the season later than this year? That could be ideal scenario which suits the riders, teams and organisers. The Dutch rider has also pointed out that some riders contracts end on the 1st of November which could also make things difficult.

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“I am very aware of the situation and that we all have to deal with the consequences this virus is bringing us. Health and safety goes above anything. But we have to take in account all the parties involved in motocross, the factories, clubs, organisers but also the athletes etc. Of course we do want a season, as complete as possible, but riding till the end of November is going to be tough in many ways. How about season 2021? If the season will start again in February, there won’t be time for rest and barely time for testing. What about the rider contracts ending November 1st this year? These are all things, we need to take in account. It won’t be easy, but we all have to face the difficulties and accept the situation. Although I hope the decisions that are taken, are in good consultation with the teams and factories. We have to be patient and see how things will work out this year”, added Coldenhoff.

At the moment there’s a lot of uncertainty for just about everyone but hopefully the situation can improve in the near future and then it’s safe for everyone to go racing again.

Article: Andy McKinstry

Image: Ray Archer