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Carmichael on Sexton’s switch to KTM

Carmichael on Sexton’s switch to KTM

Ricky Carmichael says Chase Sexton tested a Star Yamaha and liked the bike before switching to KTM – but he doesn’t understand why Sexton is now saying adapting to a steel frame is more difficult than he thought.

Sexton told the TV show: “It was a lot more than I thought it was going to be,” Sexton said at Indy. “I didn’t take into account the aluminum frame to the steel frame. It’s a big difference. We’re kind of paying the price for that right now. We’ll get there, these are just growing pains and steps that we have to take before we get to the top.”

On their title 24 show, RV and RC chimed in and both pulled no punches on Chases decision to go orange: “He had a chance to ride, I assume, multiple bikes,” said Villopoto.

Carmichael replied: “That’s what I’m saying. I heard he loved the Star Yamaha, from a pretty reliable source. I actually busted him, I saw him in Tallahassee. I later heard the Star facility was closed for a couple of days. Anyhow, you just have to assume he rode the KTM. I struggle with him saying the bike isn’t what he expected. I look back and I’m like, ‘Well, what were you expecting? Did you base your decision on something different other than the bike you rode?

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When you tested, you knew it was better than your Honda, and I’m going to that manufacturer because this bike is better, and it gives me the feel that I need and I’m looking for?’

It sounds to me like he didn’t make that decision because of that, or maybe if he rode the Red Bull KTM, maybe at the time he didn’t think it was better but at that time thought, ‘Well, it might get better.’ I don’t think you can base your decision (on that). I don’t think you go that route.”

RV said: “He sowed his seed and that’s where he ended up, he picked that so he needs to ride it and he needs to win on it. That’s the way I look at it. The bikes capable, are they struggling with things? Probably, but there are a lot of dudes struggling with thing out there. And that’s where you can see the difference between a champion and somebody that wins races but doesn’t knock multiple championships and race wins in a way, is figuring out how to make yourself better or relying on the strengths on where that KTM is good.”

RC agreed: “He planted the seeds and he’s stuck and what you have got is what you got.”

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