Carmichael and McGrath on Jett Lawrence

Ricky Carmicheal and Jeremy McGrath had a lot of postiive things to say about Jett Lawrence on Steve Matthes’ PulpMX show – but they did have a word of warning for they very hyped Aussie talent.

Jett, who will be racing Craig and his brother in the much anticipated East West match-up tomorrow night, has impressed both Carmichael and McGrath.

Carmichael said: “I think he has the most skill on a motorcycle I have ever seen – he’s top three easily. Even when he crashes he makes it graceful. His bike skill is unbelieveable but I think he has a lot fo distactions. To win at the 450 level you can’t have distractions.

While McGrath added: “I think he is handling it fairly well at the moment but it’s twice the workload when you get to the next class. You are not going to be able to do it on raw talent, and he has a ton of it, and he is fun to watch, it seems like he is a gear higher than most of the guys – he’s really smooth.

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“I would agree, he’s going to be the guy I think. So far, we have been led to believe Lawrence would be the guy but I mean we have seen how many errors this year in this class? Some really bad decision making. As far as raw speed and talent, he has that on lockdown.”

Watch the absorbing and fascinating full show with the greatest two riders ever in the US below:

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.