Brian Hsu on winning again – I can be myself on the bike

It was one of the feel good stories of this year’s Paris supercross, former 85 and 125 world champion, Brian Hsu, was back racing and winning in style.

The young German, with a slick, smooth style on the bike, reminiscent of three-time world champion Alessi Chiodi, has had a difficult two years but got to taste victory again on a big stage in Paris, so we got his thoughts on his win and his tough two years.

“It wasn’t only injury involved,” said Hsu of what took him out of racing for effectively two seasons. “It was only a part of it beside technical issues and suspension wise. Yes,it has been a long 2 years without racing MX and SX, but we still had the motivation deep down because we knew if I have a good bike set up I can be myself on the bike, and that’s what happened in these last couple of weeks – riding happily and comfortably.”

So what are his plans for 2020? Supercross or a return to MX2 Grand Prix?

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“For the next season we are still seeing for what we want to do, we have a small project which is going in the direction of Supercross. I haven’t got any teams that does GP, so and anyway for me it makes no sense to do MX2 with a private team and make top 5 due to the expensiveness.

“So yes, let’s focus now for these 3 last sx tour races and we’ll decide after what we have in our hands.”

Whatever path he chooses in 2020, Brian Hsu at least has light at the end of the tunnel and if he keeps winning and showing the talent that originally had many thinking he was a future MX2 world champion, a lot more options for his future will no doubt open up again – indoors and out.

Article: Jonathan McCready
Pic: CDS images