Bas Vaessen injury update – Adult intensive care unit

During the opening round of the British Championship at Culham, Bas Vaessen crashed out of the opening race which led to a red flag and Bas heading to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the Dutch talent has broke his vertebrae T8 to T11 and hit his neck again – an injury that set him back in Indonesia two years ago.

The following message has been posted on his social media page – we would like to send out best wishes to Bas and his family during these tough times:

“Hii Guys! Here an update on Bas his situation. For now he is in the Adult intensive care unit in Oxford. They are taking very good care of him. He broke his vertebrae T8 to T11, for now this is not the issue and it doesn’t need surgery.

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Unfortunately he hit his neck again, no new fractions but a lots of swelling. For now it is uncertain what’s the outcome will be in the future. We wanna thank you for all the sweet massages your sending! I’m going to read the messages to him but he can’t answer them right now because he can’t move properly. We’ll stay positive and keep you updated.

Love Bente & Bas”

Pic: Niek Kamper