Anstie on his supercross season

Max Anstie was happy with his first supercross season on the 450 but wishes he had more races! The Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki rider will now have three weeks to prepare for the first round of the outdoor season that starts at the end of May. The British rider has really enjoyed his supercross experience and impressed with his speed and results given such a lack of experience.

Anstie said: “My first 450 SX season is in the books (10 out of 17 rounds), looking back it’s a shame I missed the first few weeks of the season because I feel like I’m still figuring it out more and more each lap I do! I really enjoyed the process of learning how to race Supercross 👊🏻 finished strong with a 12th on Saturday night at the final round!”

Image: Align media