Anderson admits fault for Stewart pass and James Stewart has his say!

An honest Jason Anderson admitted it was his fault that Malcolm Stewart went down and said it probably cost him the overall win!

Speaking to the media, Anderson said:: “It was a mistake on my part. It’s tough because you get so antsy to get by guys, and it was a mistake. But at the same time, I’m just trying my hardest and trying to get by guys. That cost me the win tonight overall. So, it was a mistake.

“I tried to say something to him, but he was really heated,” explained Anderson when asked if he tried to say sorry. “I was like, I landed off that triple and I gassed it and as soon as I gassed it, I was like, I’m going too fast. I really didn’t try and turn. I was trying to just stop. Once I made contact with him, it was over. I apologized to him, but he was kind of heated. That’s understandable. I just tried to brush it off and try and ride my race and move onto the next two.”

Meanwhile, Malcolm’s brother James said: “The pass wasn’t dirty it was super aggressive.”

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Anderson then said of his exciting battle with Tomac in the third moto: ” I think for us right now, we’re riding really good. It’s hard for each of us to break away from each other. I feel like if he’s in front, it’s hard for him to break away from me and if I’m in front it’s hard for me to break away from him. So, it just makes that race craft so important. Like he said, we went over the finish in one lap. I wanted to square him up, but he read me like a book. So, it was hard for me to do it. Then you come in the other corner, and he goes to the inside, because he thinks I’m going to dive in the inside. I’m just setting up outside. So, it’s just a game. But at the same time, we’re ripping while we’re doing it, so it’s pretty awesome. That’s what the fans need. I enjoy racing like that – it’s fun.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

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