250cc race results: AMA Nationals RD8 – Washougal – Deegan’s statement win!

Race One: Haiden Deegan took the holeshot in the opening moto and pulled away at the front with his team mate, Justin Cooper in second. Hunter Lawrence was buried down the order but managed to make a number of passes to get himself back into second despite the track being hard to pass on. Deegan was able to hold on for an impressive race win.

Race One: 

Rave two: Haiden Deegan rode the best race of his career to win with a statement ride and show Hunter Lawrence he will be a threat for this title and should be taken seriously. Lawrence tried to pass Deegan for third only to crash and, from there, Deegan passed Kitchen, caught four seconds on leader Cooper then really dropped the hammer like never before, making the pass and going 4 seconds (!) faster than Cooper in a lap, an eight second lead two laps later with aggressive almost angry speed to win in sensational style. Amazing ride!

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A pumped up Deegan, who is now just three points behind Hunter, said: “Those last few laps I was like, I’m putting my heart into this thing. Hunter Lawrence is supposed to be winning these things. I’m glad to put the American up front.”

The crowd then chanted USA, USA. It’s on…

Race two: 


Updated championship standings: 

Image: Yamaha Racing