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2024 World Motocross dates

2024 World Motocross dates
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2024 is set to be a very busy year of racing whether it be World Championship or domestic racing, there’s plenty of races on offer for riders and fans.

The Motocross season will officially get underway in Spain during the first weekend of February and then it’s all systems go. 

We’ve put together a calendar of the 2024 Motocross dates. 

Date Championship
3rd & 4th February Spanish Championship RD1
4th February International Italian Championship RD1 – Riola Sardo
11th February International Italian Championship RD2 – Mantova
18th February Sommieres International (France)
24th & 25th February French Elite RD1
24th & 25th February Spanish Championship RD2
25th February Hawkstone International
3rd March Lierop International
9th &10th March MXGP RD1 – Argentina
16th & 17th March French Elite RD2
16th & 17th March Italian Prestige Championship RD1
16th & 17th March Spanish Championship RD3
17th March Dutch Masters RD1 – Harfsen
23rd & 24th March MXGP RD2 – Europe (Spain, Madrid)
24th March NORA92 British Pro Championship RD1
30th and 31st March French Elite RD3
31st March & 1st April Fastest 40 Championship RD1
1st April Dutch Masters RD2 – Oldebroek
6th & 7th April MXGP RD3 – Riola
6th & 7th April Bridgestone British Masters RD1
13th & 14th April MXGP RD4 – Arco di Trento
20th & 21st April Fastest 40 Championship RD2
20th & 21st April ADAC MX Masters RD1
20th & 21st April French Elite RD4
20th & 21st April Spanish Championship RD4
21st April NORA92 British Pro Championship RD2
21st April Dutch Masters RD2 – Markelo
28th April ACU British Championship RD1
27th & 28th April ADAC MX Masters RD2
27th & 28th April Italian Prestige Championship RD2
4th and 5th May French Elite RD5
5th & 6th May MXGP RD5 – Portugal
11th & 12th May MXGP RD6 – Spain, Lugo
11th & 12th May Fastest 40 Championship RD3
12th May NORA92 British Pro Championship RD3 (Europe)
18th & 19th May MXGP RD7 – France
18th & 19th May Bridgestone British Masters RD2
25th May AMA Nationals RD1
25th & 26th May ADAC MX Masters RD3
25th & 26th May French Elite RD6
25th & 26th May Italian Prestige Championship RD3
25th & 26th May Spanish Championship RD5
26th May ACU British Championship RD2
1st June AMA Nationals RD2
1st & 2nd June MXGP RD8 – Germany
1st & 2nd June Fastest 40 Championship RD4
8th June AMA Nationals RD3
8th & 9th June MXGP RD9 – Latvia
8th & 9th June ACU British Championship RD3 (youth only)
15th June AMA Nationals RD4
15th & 16th June MXGP RD10 – Maggiora
22nd & 23rd June ADAC MX Masters RD4
22nd & 23rd June French Elite RD7
22nd & 23rd June Italian Prestige Championship RD4
22nd & 23rd June Bridgestone British Masters RD3
23rd June ACU British Championship RD4
29th June AMA Nationals RD5
29th & 30th June MXGP RD11 – Indonesia (Sumbawa)
6th July AMA Nationals RD6
6th & 7th July MXGP RD12 – Indonesia (Lombok)
6th & 7th July Fastest 40 Championship RD5
13th July AMA Nationals RD7
14th July ACU British Championship RD5
13th & 14th July ADAC MX Masters RD5
13th & 14th July Junior World Championship – Heerde
20th July AMA Nationals RD8
20th & 21st July MXGP RD13 – Loket
20th & 21st July World Vets Motocross – Farleigh Castle
20th & 21st July Bridgestone British Masters RD4
27th & 28th July MXGP RD14 – Lommel
28th July NORA92 British Pro Championship RD4
3rd & 4th August ADAC MX Masters RD6
3rd & 4th August ACU British Championship RD6
10th August AMA Nationals RD9
10th & 11th August MXGP RD15 – Sweden
10th & 11th August Bridgestone British Masters RD5
15th August Keiheuvel International (Belgium)
17th August AMA Nationals RD10
17th & 18th August MXGP RD16 – Netherlands
17th & 18th August ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival
22nd – 26th August Vets MXoN – Foxhill
24th August AMA Nationals RD11
24th & 25th August MXGP RD17 – Switzerland
31st August & 1st September ACU British Championship RD7
31st August & 1st September ADAC MX Masters RD7
31st August & 1st September Italian Prestige Championship RD5
7th & 8th September MXGP RD18 – Turkey
7th & 8th September Fastest 40 Championship RD6
8th September NORA92 British Pro Championship RD5
14th & 15th September MXGP RD19 – China
14th & 15th September Bridgestone British Masters RD6
21st & 22nd September ACU British Championship RD8
21st & 22nd September ADAC MX Masters RD8
21st & 22nd September Italian Prestige Championship RD6
21st & 22nd September Spanish Championship RD6
28th & 29th September MXGP RD20 – Italy (TBA)
28th & 29th September Coupe de l’Avenir
5th & 6th October MXoN – Matterley Basin
11th – 13th October Weston Beach Race
19th & 20th October Spanish Championship RD6
20th October NORA92 British Pro Championship RD6

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing

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