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Webb refuses to give in and finds a way to win

Webb refuses to give in and finds a way to win

Cooper Webb will never give in. When he saw he was ahead of Jett Lawrence off the start he made several quick moves to maximise his opportunity. Jett Lawrence still caught Webb quickly but went down trying to make the pass and once again, Webb took advantage of the opportunity he partly created and took the win in a highlight reel battle with Chase Sexton to the very last corner of the main event.

Webb talked about the battle in the press conference, the collision with Jett and his determination to never give up.

“Chase found a really good flow at the end and caught up. I had, I think, plus five at one point and he sucked it right up. So I knew I had to hit my marks and I definitely tightened up. I lost some flow and lost some of my lines that were working early and didn’t adapt to some of the ones I should have. I just knew that, hey, there was really, in my mind, two places he could get me and I made sure to make those difficult to pass. Then we got real close at the end and just had to make sure I was on the inside.”

Webb also admitted he may not have been the best rider on the night, but he put himself in position and refused to give in – and that might be the key if he is to beat Jett to this title.

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Webb Randy Preston

“I don’t know if I was necessarily the best rider tonight, but I put myself in a great position and you just can’t give up. I think that’s kind of always been my approach is to never give up. I felt really good at the beginning of the race. I got into second and obviously I’m aware of my surroundings. I knew Jett was coming and you could kind of hear him and I was just trying to kind of lock in and I knew he, like, we made a little bit of…like he tried the inside. I was going outside in the sand and I felt him and the crowd went crazy. So I’m like, ‘Oh, man, he fell.’

“So that’s when I knew, like he’s either gonna get up and come after us or, this is my chance to try to kind of catch Chase and I locked in. It was tough because you could go out there and do a great lap and, you know, maybe catch your competitor a second and then you could lose a second the next lap by missing a rhythm. So you had to be smart. I feel like I was just doing my laps consistently trying not to make mistakes. But, you gotta go fast, too, and that’s where it’s tough because that’s where you wanna go fast, but you can push it and make mistakes. It was just staying consistent, put myself in a good position, like you said, I never give up. You never know what can happen.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Randy Preston