Webb confident and motivated ahead of the new season

Cooper Webb had that glint of confidence in his eye at the pre-season press conference when the defending champ was talking about his new KTM machine – and leaving Baker also seems to have motivated the American!

Webb, who looked ready for battle, said: “Our motorcycle is brand new, and the program is quite different than what I’ve done the last couple of years. I feel a lot better on this bike, it’s all brand-new, so nothing that worked on last year’s bike works here. So it was a challenge and overwhelming at first, but we really did well this year on getting settings dialed. I can’t complain, man. I haven’t touched a clicker since early November. It just fits me and the way I want to ride it, more. I’m stoked on it.”

And Webb says he, “has a lot of motivation to go out and show that change has been good. Definitely motivation there, and to go out and defend. I didn’t do it the last time, I feel more experienced, I feel stronger and physically fitter. I think the motorcycle for me is a step in the right direction. It does the things the old one did just as well, and it’s better in other ways. I’ve ridden at a variety of tracks and I feel good wherever we’ve ridden.”

Image: a Cudby