Video: Vuillemin on Jett Lawrence v Carmichael and Stewart

David Vuillemin gave his view to Steve Matthes on the speed and style of Jett Lawrence compared to Carmichael and Stewart, and it is some high praise indeed!

Vuillemin said: “In terms of consistency, points at the end of year, maybe championships, he might be better than James, the way he rides, in control. James to this day is a better rider, more technical, doing crazy jumps. I’m a huge fan (of Stewart), the guy put the SX/MX game to the next level, I don’t think we will ever see someone else like that.

“The way Jett does it, techinally he is close to James, he works hard, he is fit. He has some Ricky, he’s a better rider in terms of, he uses a 450 better than Ricky and he has the consistency of Dungey.”

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