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Villopoto on his MXGP experience – head not it in

Villopoto on his MXGP experience – head not it in

Donn Maeda chatted to Ryan Villopoto about his career, including his MXGP season that was aborted four rounds in through injury.

Villopoto talked about difficulties with the team communication, the engine not being as good as AMA, living in a centre park and not being mentally engaged, summing up he said: “I wish I could have went 1-1 (on his only GP win in Thailand RV went 1-3 with Cairoli hitting back in the second moto) looking back. The experience was good just to get a win, to be able to say I got an MXGP win, it was a long time in the 450 class, since the last time that happened. Who knows when it will be next…

“Ultimately, it was a great experience, I wish it had went different but also a lot of that was on me mentally not being there. I think that if it would have been earlier in my career or mentally, where I was a year ago or two years ago, that even with the hurdles that we had in front of us with living and everything new, I still think I would have done better if mentally I would have been engaged.”

Watch the full interview below with the MXGP section at 38 minutes 10 seconds in: