Video: Jago Geerts in the USA – racing AMA National?!

Runner-up in the 2021 MX2 world championship, Jago Geerts, began his preparations to be world champ this year with a trip to the USA for some bike time and he even got to attend a supercross – and now he wants to race an AMA National.

“I think that I will ride an AMA Pro motocross round for sure in the future but it has to fit into my program, but when this is possible I would love to race and to experience how they are riding here,” explained Geerts.

And Kemea team boss, Hans Corvers, said the Americans were impressed with the Belgian’s speed: ” They were impressed, especially over the conering from Jago, especially on the final day they were all there and this was at State Fair, Jago was riding really well there and had great cornering. He did it really well and they would like to give him a contract for the Nationals! Of course, we have a different goal and that’s the world championship , the two champions are held in the same period so it would be difficult. We have to look at the calendar and maybe there is a chance to race one round.”

See how his trip went below: