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Video: Weege show – Cairoli and Dungey

Video: Weege show – Cairoli and Dungey
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Tony Cairoli has expalined why he was racing some AMA motocross races this summer in the press conference: “Actually I was a little bit bored with the MXGP, everything around the races, and I said Ok I have always wanted to do some racing in the U.S. where the tracks look amazing, and so many lines. And on the race day itโ€™s so much nicer than the GP rounds where its mainly one lined. Here it looks everything more wide and more lines so I would always love to come of course I would have loved to do it when I was at the height of my career not when I am 37 years old, but it is still fantastic that I have the chance to be here.

“Of course itโ€™s going to be something new but I like one day (events) more because my physical condition is not like ten years ago when I was 27 or 25. Now it takes longer but it is all in one day so it is a little bit better for me. I really like it. Of course, the practice is short, and the time, you need to put a good time quickly so this is not what we are used to, but we can figure it out hopefully and we can make a not so bad time hopefully.”

Jason Weigandt then caught up with two legends coming out of retirement ahead of round one at Pala Antonioa Cairoli and Ryan Dungey – can they top five or even podium this weekend?

Cairoli also got a special gift from renthal when his name and titles engraved on the bar for one of the greatest of all time:

We preview the duos battles below:

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