Video: Villopoto and Dungey on the Roczen/Anderson clash

Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey spoke about the Anderson pass on Roczen as well as many other things with Steve Matthes on PulpMX in a enjoyable conversation with the two former US champions.

On the Anderson pass that left Roczen on the ground and only finishing thirteenth after leading, Dungey said: “That’s not how I would have gone about but at the same time, everybody is different. It was hard racing, I don’t think it was crazy, crazy. He almost took himself down too, then there is the other risk of you put a hole in your case and you could have a DNF. That was a pretty hard hit.”

While Villopoto said: “My take on it was, Kenny I presume know Jason was behind him and he went outside and it’s sand, as we know the sand merges a lot of times. Could Jason have held it inside? Probably. Looking at it on TV I kind of fault Kenny for not knowing his whereabouts or leaving the door open. As racers you know when someone is behind you, our peripheral vision is really good.”

Get the full interview below:

Matthes and Jason Thomas also got into a debate about the incident below: