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Video: Tomac on his big crash at A2

Video: Tomac on his big crash at A2
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Eli Tomac has explained his crash at A2 and admits he was lucky to escape uninjured and that it happened at a triple crown event. Tomac now only has a four plint lead over Webb and Sexton with Roczen 11 back.

Tomac said: “Well, start off by saying I’m ok and will be just fine for next weekend. So thankful to walk and ride away from this one unscathed!

“I jumped the triple “on” to the tabletop multiple times throughout the day from the second and third rut. With Cooper on the inside I think my instinct to not jump towards him caused my mistake to drift left off the ramp. Obviously lucky for this to happen in the triple crown format and salvage 6th overall on the night.”

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