Video: Stewart on Roczen, Ferrandis and the Craig/Friese incident

James Stewart covered a number of riders in his latest podcast while looking bak at the opening rounds and feel Webb and Roczen’s championship hopes are over.

“Cooper is done, Roczen is done, said Stewart. “I’m a fan of Roczen, people might think I am hating on him. The best thing you can do to somebody, any kind of athlete is talk crap about them because that means you expect a certain level of excellence and performance out of them that they are not doing. You talk bad on them because you expect better. When I bring up Roczen, I just know how good the dude is, not knocking on him but he’s done. You get in the position when you have a couple of bad race’s you look at who’s in font of you – he’s got no change. In the past history even if he was up front and leading the points I would still be, ‘I don’t know.’ So to think he is all of a sudden going to do it from being down, where’s that based on?”

On the Craig/Friese incident, Stewart said he didn’t lay the blame on Friese

He also gave an interesting view on Ferrandis not replicating his outdoor results in supercross so far: “There’s pressure, the fact he has won a motocross title and having a teammate doing what he is and maybe look the best ever (Tomac). I don’t think it’s the pressure of everyone else expecting him to win I think it’s the one thing he overlooked is the margin of error is so small in supercross, if not none, compared to winning an outdoor title and even though he has won the outdoor title I don’t think he has figured out supercross and got that part gelled. that’s why it took Eli a long time to win, he won four outdoor titles? But then he struggled in supercross, it takes things going good and bad and going through the mud to figure it out”.

Listen to the full podcast below:

Image: Honda