Video: Stewart crash in St.Louis

After qualifying fastest Malcolm Stewart lost his chance of overall victory with a bad crash in race two when he clipped a tuff block. For a while it looked like Malcolm’s season might be over as he writhed in pain stuck under his 450 Husqvarna but, while he did hurt his knee, Stewart’s bigger issue was his handlebar getting stuck in his knee brace.

Thankfully Stewart got untangled and eventually limped back to his back, and even lined up in race three taking home sixth despite his knee issue for for 9th overall with a 3-19=6 scorecard, fourth in the championship and still in the battle for second in the series jsut 11 points behind Anderson.

However it was tougher for teammate, Dean Wilson, who had a big crash in the whoops in race one and didn’t race the rest of the night. There has been no update yet on Dean’s condition.