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Video: Sexton on Jorge Prado and watching MXGP plus his adaption to the KTM

Video: Sexton on Jorge Prado and watching MXGP plus his adaption to the KTM

Chase Sexton was talking on the PulpMX show and, along with discussing his own season and adapting to the bike Sexton says he is into MXGP more that ever and is really impressed with Prado’s start to the season!

Sexton said: “This year, it’s not like not that I didn’t watch it before, but I wasn’t like super in tune with what was going on. Like this year I watched the whole first race, both motos, 250, 450, and then I woke up on Saturday watched qualifying race in my bed!

“I’ve been pretty in tune with it and honestly, last weekend Prado was, not to like blow smoke, but he look wise like his riding, his turns, everything was yeah, really good, like he’s super smooth doesn’t look like he’s trying that hard. I mean you obviously he’s trying but he looks more connected with the track than everybody else at the moment. I think honestly, him coming over here and racing Supercross helped him. When he was doing that everyone else was just pre-season training like there’s nothing like racing. I feel like he just got that jump start on everybody at this point, he he’s ready to race and you can see that from the get go. He looks connected looks at one with his bike and it’s I mean it’s pretty nice to watch at the moment.

“It’s pretty hard pretty to argue with what he’s what he’s done. I mean I think everyone like Febvre, Gajser, Herlings, all these other guys, they’re gona get better and they’re gonna start building up steam. But yeah, I mean, if say he wins a few more races, he’s gonna have a pretty healthy points gap to not like he needs to win again but, I mean, compared to last year, I think he won what two GPs last year and he’s won the first two this year! It’s pretty cool, he’s kind of silenced everybody that says last year everyone got hurt. He got better and he’s pretty much shutting everyone up.”

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On adapting to the KTM, Sexton said: “It’s getting better, it hasn’t been hasn’t been easy for me or the team. I mean it’s tough when you’re not super comfortable but also with the team they’re doing everything they possibly can to get me comfortable. So, yeah, it’s just been a it’s just been a learning curve this year. I don’t know why I thought going from aluminum frame to a steel frame wasn’t going to be that big of a difference, and I rode the bike, obviously. so yeah, it’s… I don’t know, it was a bigger change than I thought it was going to be. But the team’s been awesome, they’ve been doing everything they can to get get better and then obviously me getting better too it’s it’s been it’s been slowly on the rise.”

And on Carmichael’s thought on his switch to KTM? “To be honest, he’s not I mean he’s not wrong. Like I mean it’s the harsh truth it’s not he’s not really wrong so right um yeah I don’t really have any comment on it.”

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You can find our interivew with Prado below after his domination in Spain:

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