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Video: Roczen v Barcia

Video: Roczen v Barcia
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Ken Roczen and Justin Barcia don’t have the best relationship highlighted by their recent twitter spat over who earns the most money! But there is also a big contrast in riding styles with the smooth and technical Roczen contrasting with Barcia’s aggression and all out attack style of riding.

This is highlighted pretty well on their latest videos of their supercross testing as Roczen rolls his turns carrying momentum and very easy on the throttle compared with the stop/start nature of Barcia and his high revving tendencies – even on the 450.

Roczen has always had the upper hand on the American, especially on a 450 and while Barcia may be more spectacular, it’s hard to not enjoy the calculated flow that Roczen rides with.

Check out both testing their new machines in their own unique styles here:

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What ever it takes.

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