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Video: Rob Herring interview

Video: Rob Herring interview

The next episode of the ‘Torq Moto’ podcast, driven by Talon sees former multiple British motocross champion and former GP front runner Rob ‘The Fish’ Herring join hosts ‘Jeffro’ Perrett and DocWob on the studio couches to reflect on his illustrious MX career.

It’s another wonderful trip down memory lane to the golden era of motocross as Rob goes back to his early days racing in the U.K where he made a huge impact, not only for his raw speed and amazing ‘American style’, even though he grew up in South Africa, but also for his eye catching ‘Blue Stratos’ race kit! A talking point and reference that people still remember ‘The Fish’ by to this day.

No doubt about it, Herring was a breath of fresh air when he burst on to the British Motocross scene. He was ridiculously fast with effortless style and influenced many of the next generation of riders who studied his riding.

Herring explains how he moved to South Africa at the age of seven and how his journey in the sport started and how riding and racing in South Africa honed his skills and ability do things on British tracks that others simply wouldn’t see or couldn’t do.

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Quiet and unassuming Herring certainly let his riding do his talking at the races but now many years down the line he talks with great affection on his career with vivid detail, from his opening moto win at the first ever British GP at Foxhill in 1992, through to playing his often over looked part on the winning British MXDN team that put an end to the 13 year win streak for Team USA at Roggenburg, Switzerland 30 years ago.

In fact, the trio had so much to talk about that this episode is the first of a two parter with ‘the Fish’. Herring was one of the most exciting and dynamic motocross racers of the late eighties and nineties, not just in the U.K but globally.

You can watch the first part of the Rob Herring ‘Torq Moto’ podcast driven by Talon on Torq Moto’s YouTube channel or listen on Spotify or Apple when the episode drops tonight at 7pm…

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