Video: Mosiman takes out Craig

See the moment Michael Mosiman put Christian Craig down to take the lead in Seattle to leave Craig fuming…but listen to how smart Ricky Carmichael was in the moment and how Craig could have avoided going down!

An unhappy Craig said: “I’m not going to lie, I’m sour about how that all went. I started out front and yeah, Michael was a little faster in the beginning. That’s three times now I get cleaned out. i’m sour but I was able to once again salvage, get up charge and get back to second.”

Michael Mosiman, who damaged his rear brake rotar in the pass, said: “I watched it back, it’s racing. I looked back to A2 and we battled, I raced him very, very clean and arguably my team and those close to me would say I gave him too much room. He knew I could have pushed the limit there as well, he said something like, ‘that was awesome, great racing but I know more aggressive racing is coming.’ Obviously it’s never fun to be on the other side of that but I am going forward, I am going for the win. It felt like racing to me.”