Video: Lusk and Carmichael on being training partners in the late 90s!

Some great content with David Pingree on the Whiskey Throttle show as Ezra Lusk and Ricky Carmichael discuss their time training together with Ricky’s mum when RC was on a 125 and Ezra was on a 250 in he late 90s.

A 250 supercross rivalry between the duo never really materialised as RC went his own way and eventually got to the top despite struggling in his debut 250 supercross season in 1999 while Lusk was on a high at that time as the biggest title contender to McGrath and Honda’s biggest star.

Lust then got hurt at A1 in 2000 and never quite got back to a title contending level with RC going to that level and winning his first 250 supercross title in 2001 after hiring Aldon Baker as a trainer, then moving to Honda in 2002 replacing Lusk, with Lusk taking Carmichael’s spot at Kawasaki for the 2002 season.

“We had battles at the practice track,” said Lusk of those late 90s duels during the week. “Our battles were legit, we held each other accountable because we were so competitive. If he was off that day, I was kicking his ass. If I was off that day, he was blowing me out of the water, we didn’t hold back, we went after it!”

Get more insight from their training days together in the late 90s below: