Video: Brayton furious at Friese for WSX take-out!

The MCR Honda riders came into the final moto of the WSX championship 1-2 in the points with Vince Friese leading by three ahead of Justin Brayton and Roczen one point back, but it all went wrong in turn one when they collided and both ended up on the ground – and Brayton blamed Friese fro the carnage and putting him down!

A fuming Brayton, who saw his best chance of a WSX title go up in flames, said: “The guy, he just keeps doing it over and over his whole career, yeah, just go ahead and clean me out in the first turn, launch his bike at me, no big deal and act like nothing happened – like he’s always done. Just crazy, ridiculous. Never thought I would be in this position but ironically it’s like my fourth time in this position even as his teammate. Otherwise we probably come away with the win tonight, I had really good starts tonight. Yeah a little bit fired up, I haven’t been this fired up in a long time, I’m 38 years old, I love it!”

See the incident and an unusually furious Brayton below: