Video: Justin Barcia interview – he’s loving the Gas Gas!

Justin Barcia says he was excited from the first lap he rode the Gas Gas and feels he can now do the things on bike he used to do years ago. The aggressive Gas Gas rider says he is looking forward to Houston and is having to hold himself back from “sending it.” Barcia caught up with with Donn Maeda at the team’s press launch to discuss the bike and the season.

“For me the bike is way more forgiving,” explained Barcia.” If you come up short on something or the track changes it’s just a little bit easier to get away with more risky things, which is really nice because sometimes I’m on the edge a little bit, it’s been fun, definitely more nimble.

“The old bike (Yamaha) was really wide, really heavy and a lot of power, this bike for me is skinny, super nimble and a really smooth power band but still has good bottom end.”

“100% ready, had a healthy off-season, did lots of training, feeling good,I’ve really been winding down. I feel really good and want to go out and send it but I’m just holding myself back a little bit and trying to save it for a long season.”

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“I just want to go to Houston have good results, it’s a long series, definitely don’t want to throw it away.”

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