Video: John Tomac on why Eli left Kawasaki

John Tomac spoke to Steve Matthes candidly on the Pulp MX show about why Eli left Kawasaki and explained the environment at Star.

“It was a gamble,” admitted John. “We could have stayed at Kawasaki and Eli could have cashed his cheque and rode it out. Eli felt he had more in the tank as far as results. In order to change it up on the equipment side we had to make the move.

“We pushed them pretty hard that last season and change stuff on the bike and they just wouldn’t go where we wanted to go to try things. We had some success there but we we really wanted to try and push the envelope but they were too conservative.”

Get the full interview here including the influential mechanic at Star who attracted Tomac to Yamaha:

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Ironically now of course it is Anderson, who replaced Eli at Kawasaki, who Tomac is battling with for the 2022 title but, after Daytona, it’s advantage Tomac and Yamaha who have an 18 point lead at the halfway stage!

The decision, at least so far, has worked.

See the latest video on Tomac’s supercross season here:

Image: Yamaha