Video: Jett Lawrence on 450 Supercross testing

250 West dominator, Jett Lawrence, will be testing a 450 in supercross this week, but there is no plan to race this supercross season after initially hoping to before the season got under way, but with Lawrence going 450 outdoors this summer, he will be on a 450 for the SMX races at the end of the year.

Jett said in the press conference: “Next week I start on the 450, I’m doing some actual supercross testing when I have my supercross legs under me and for that SMX later in the year, no-one knows exactly how the layout will be, if it is going to be more supercross or stadiumcross. So we are going to do a week testing on a 450 on supercross then another couple of week maybe supercross and outdoors and then get ready for Seattle, a week or two before we will get back on the 250 for that.”

However, RJ Hampshire is planning on racing a 450 at Daytona and he is already testing, despite still being a bit banged up from previous injuries as he takes the place of trhe injured Stewart. it would have been nice to see Jett there too, considering how easily he made the adjustment at the MXON.

Image: InFront Moto Racing