Video: Jett Lawrence MXoN crash

See a rare mistake for Jett Lawrence as he goes down in race one at the MXoN at Ernee before a tremendous comeback to sixth place.

Lawrence suffered his first outdoor defeat of 2023 the day before with Jorge Prado the first man to beat the Australian all year outdoors and it was fitting it was the new world champion who did it, with both champs going 1-2 in their first race against each other!

But in the final moto of the weekend, Lawrence finally got his moto win in France, running away from the field in style.

Lawrence said of the crash and the rest of his day:

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“In the first race, the start wasn’t too bad, I was there but I mean I had a good chance of winning it. I tried an aggressive pass around the outside and ran out of area and went down. I went back to last which wasn’t ideal but had a really good flow of the track. I felt good and didn’t really get tired all that much, in the last six laps I as the fastest.

“In the second moto I just wanted to go out and win the thing. I got a decent start in third and was able to make a quick move into second. I was chasing Kenny (Roczen) again just like in America. I kind of felt at home, he had a different lines at the start so I was kind of following him and then once I got around him I put my head down riding with flow. It was just like at home and I could pull out a lead. In the last ride AMA riders could go 1-2.”

He also said AMA riders are “spoiled,” when it comes to tracks: “I think in America we are pretty spoiled. The tracks are always ripped pretty deep so you have options and stuff. I mean I think for the fans it was good racing because to make a pass you had to be aggressive.

“It was fun but a little bit sore for the wrist and ankles but we put up with it. I was able to finally battle for the win in the last race. For us we just had to get used to the different kind of style, technique and flow again.

“I was able to find that European flow again and go back to the old days and ride like how I can ride. We definitely get spoiled in America with the track prep.”