Video: Hughes on what made Everts, McGrath and Carmichael special

Ryan Hughes gave his view on Gypsy Tales on what makes the greatest riders of all time like Everts, McGrath and Carmichael the special edge over the competition.

“McGrath, a feeler, Stefan Everts, a feeler, Carmichael, a feeler, Sebastian Loeb, a feeler, Lewis Hamilton, a feeler, Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, a feeler,” explained Hughes. “Some of them have done it in different ways, Carmichael raced every inch of the track where McGrath was like a surgeon on the track, Stefan Everts felt every inch of the track. All the best racers of all the best racers are feelers.

“There is nothing physical that is better than me or anybody else. It’s something mentally that they are doing or not doing or something that they are feeling or not feeling that they have us beat, it’s not a physical thing.”

Hughes expands on his point and reveals a very interesting conversation with Ricky Carmichael on how much he could feel through the bike.