Video: Hampshire on that Jett take-out

Jett Lawrence got wiped out by a RJ Hampshire on a dramatic last turn as the American went into desperation mode for the title but hurt himself in the points more that Jett! RJ actually started falling before he made it to Lawrence then, once they collided, Jett was able to get up and still take second as Hampshire got stuck in the mud to finish 13th throwing away a podium.

RJ said: “I started off pretty decent in practice and felt good. I got the holeshot in the heat race and won that. Then the rain came. It was different. We were waiting down there for an hour and a half…almost two hours. Finally, when the gate dropped, I got a decent start and just rode in third for a while. The track was brutal with the puddles. It was getting worse and worse as it went on. I saw an opening there at the end in the last corner and went for it. There was nothing else to it. I thought I would have had a good line. As soon as I cut underneath, I lost the front and I was just along for the ride there. Just hydroplaning across the water and took us both down. It’s a bummer to end it like that where I couldn’t even finish the race. I’m bummed about that, but overall, for how the race went and the whole day was, it was pretty solid. I’ll look forward to Denver and hope that I can get a win in these next two rounds.”

See the incident and get Jett’s view below: