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Video: Geerts GoPro and that big crash

Video: Geerts GoPro and that big crash
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See the crash that cost Jago Geerts the opening moto win in Switzerland and gave his rivals hope in the championship with Geerts going 7-3 (after another crash in race two) when he had the speed to go 1-1.

Jago said: “Today started really good. I took the holeshot and led basically the whole race until I had quite a big crash. It was strange. I took the same line that I was taking the entire race but got kicked over the ‘bars. The bike was quite banged up after that crash, with the handlebars completely bent. I still finished seventh. In the second heat, I didn’t feel too good. I was still sore, but still managed to finish third after another small crash. It was not the best weekend, but I still salvaged good points, so it was okay.”

The crash is at five minutes six seconds in:

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