Video: Fernandez crash and update

Ruben Fernandez had a scary crash in moto one in Finland after he had passed Jeffrey Herlings for fifth!

The Spaniard hit a bump wrong on a jump and went down hard and didn’t move on the track for a while, creating worry in the paddock.

Thankfully Ruben is just battered and bruised with no serious injury, Ruben saying: Things were going well, until they weren’t. After a third in the qualification race yesterday I was feeling good about today. I had a decent start and was not too far from the podium spots and was preparing to put in some strong laps to finish off the race but when I came over the jump near the pitlane I hit a bit of a kicker and went over the handlebars. It was a big crash, but thankfully after getting checked out by the doctors, I was told there was nothing serious, just a lot of bangs and bruises. Now the plan is to rest up and have another check-up by the doctor sometime this week to make sure I’m back to 100% by the time Uddevalla comes around in a couple of weeks.

See his pass on Herlings here: