Video: Everts down hard in Argentina

Liam Everts was impressing in Argentina in his Red Bull KTM GP debute despite a sore wrist, going 4-5 in the opening two motos before falling foul of an aggressive Kay de Wolf pass early in the final moto, luckily Liam was uninjured and he fought back to 13th after another crash when he was 11th.

Everts said in his blog: “The second race started way better than the first, but after a few laps I got passed quite aggressively by De Wolf. I couldn’t avoid his back wheel and went down pretty hard. After that my good feeling was gone and I struggled to get back to a good position. Even making another mistake on my own when I was back up in 11th position. I didn’t give up, because every point counts. But I only got back to 13th place in the 2nd race of the day.”

See the collision below: