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Video: Eli Tomac interview – his injury, Jett and whoops

Video: Eli Tomac interview – his injury, Jett and whoops

Eli Tomac spoke to Steve Matthes and the PulpMX show about a range of issues earlier this week, from Jett Lawrence, to his starts and the amount of whoops on the track!

On the injury he has neem nursing for a few weeks, Tomac, explained:

“I think I did it literally just dabbing in a corner at home and then it kind of just crept in on me and was just getting worse. Like, the more I was practicing and the more I was hitting whoops and stuff. One of my tracks at home, I’ve got two sets of whoops and a dragon and I was riding that track around that time and I think it irritated it more after I had like the foot dab and I guess it was getting a little bit worse.

“I didn’t really think about it or thought it would just get better but I had to take like real time off during the week for it to get better and that’s what I did this last week. I didn’t even ride here at home, I did some starts and a couple Sprint laps to get the inflammation out of my ankle. It was just an ankle sprain but I needed to take time off and I wasn’t doing that those first couple weeks I was struggling on the weekend straight up.

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“I’d lost the range of motion I couldn’t wait the peg right you know? I was probably I don’t know like a 30 70 weight bias on my feet in the in the loop so it was it was messing me up.”

On why he didn’t tell anyone sooner, Eli said: “The thing is, I didn’t know what to blame (on) some of these poor finishes on whether it was the start or the foot, so I just didn’t want to make up all the excuses. I don’t know, finally I had to say something. I can’t stand being that guy that’s like whining and complaining every weekend you know if something doesn’t go my way.”

Watch the brilliant full interview below:

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.