Video: Eli Tomac at A1 press day

See how Eli Tomac looked on his Star Racing Yamaha during press day at A1 courtesy of Vital MX, as the long-time Kawasaki man looks to come out swinging in his new colours.

Speaking at the press conference, Tomac said the switch has been good and it’s nice to ride on more tracks and with more riders, saying he felt he was maybe too isolated up in Colorado: “It’s a change of scenery, change of the color of my front fender, everything, motorcycle, just point of view on riding. We’ve been everywhere. We’ve been in Florida. Initially started in Colorado. Now we’re in California. Been bouncing around. It’s been really fun. I’ve been riding with a group of guys most of that time. So, it’s just been a nice change. Before I think I may have isolated myself a little bit too much, or maybe because I’m doing something different now it feels better. It’s just refreshing that way. It’s good. Our focus was getting this thing dialed in and then come in healthy. We’ve done all those things. Like I say every year, just looking forward to it.

“It’s new. It’s just like getting on more tracks I felt like was important. Getting on different surfaces, more tracks, different designs, different feel. Star Racing has moved their whole base there (Ricky Carmichael’s old facility in Florida), so that’s where we did a lot of testing and some good riding. So, that was new for us.

“It’s just different. I’ve always been with two guys on the track, and we’ve had six to eight guys on the track. That’s what’s different. We’ve all ridden together. There are kind of two groups at the Farm at RC’s when we’re down there, but for the most part we’re all on the track at the same time. So, that’s new.”

Get an insight into Star’s move to Carmichael’s facility below:

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