Video: De Wolf’s Stewart style scrub pass for the lead in Latvia!

Kay de Wolf has come of age, showing sensational talent and speed in EMX and MX2, de Wolf is now a Grand Prix winner and the MX2 championship leader in one fell swoop after his 1-1 score in Latvia!

And the pass for the lead in moto one underlined the speed and the style of de Wolf as he scrubbed his way in awe-inspiring fashion, channelling his inner James Stewart with the biggest “wow” moment of the weekend.

De Wolf has long had this potential but now it’s there for all to see, the confidence is there now with his first GP win and the opportunity is there to win his first world title at just 18 years old. He won’t have it easy with the very talented Benistant, the fast emerging Adamo and the soon to return Geerts all there vying to stop him, but de Wolf has the talent, the desire and the skill to get it done.

He has been testing with Herlings, and he has an even younger teenage teammate already winning races in Lucas Coenen pushing him, along with experienced Van de Moosdijk, also winning races as a teammate. The Husky squad are pushing each other, and it means testing and race day’s are competitive between them even without the other riders around. De Wolf has what it takes and this pass shows why he has been so highly touted for so many years. Don’t forget, Jett Lawrence said he was the one guy that could trouble him on an 85 when de Wolf moved into the class, Kay can be that good.

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De Wolf said: “This is amazing. I have the red plate and finally got my first overall win as an MX2 rider. We had to wait a while for this, but we kept on fighting. I need to give a lot of credit to the Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team. It is an amazing team and we always push forward. I am excited to go racing again in Germany.”

See the memorable move 50 seconds in below:

See Benistant’s view at 5 minute ten seconds as de Wolf throws a whip after the scrub that took the lead: