Video: Millsaps on his mum – tough

“Meanie Jeannie (Carmichael’s mum), I would call her a saint compared to my mum. I love Jeannie, she was never mean to me, it was always strict towards Ricky and making sure he did what he had to do, moto, moto, moto. Lap time, lap time, lap time.”

“My mum, she had me work with Gary Bailey, Tichenor, Gary Semics one time. I had to work with a bunch of people. She took all of their input, figured out, when I rode with everyone, what I was doing better and what they were doing better and put it all together to every day it was work, work work, sections and motos. My mum was hands down the most brutal, just super strict. She makes Jeannie look nice.”

“I never had the chance to be a kid.” David Millsaps has opened up on how tough his mum was on him growing up: