Video: Conrad Mewse interview

The MX Nationals crew caught up with the man of the moment in the UK, Conrad Mewse, to discuss his pre-season, working with Stephen Sword and finding his confidence again after some tough seasons on factory teams as a teenager.

“For me it was the wrong timing,” said Mewse of going to a factory team in his early teens, “I was a 14 year old kid that got took away from my family to move to Belgium, I was a family kid, my mum done everything for me, my dad done everything for me, I just wasn’t ready for that. It was a fantastic bike, a fantastic team but unfortunately I just wasn’t ready. That knocked my confidence for a couple of years because I was put onto the big stage, I had the limelight on me and I was expected to do big things and it didn’t happen.” See the full interview below: