Video: Reed on WSX – everyone wants to come

Steve Matthes chats to Chad Reed about his role as consultant for WSX, the Lawrence brothers and riding again.

“Behind closed doors conversations that I am in, I am very excited for the future of the series. Some really great things are happening. For some reason this has turned into choose a side, us versus them situation, my goal is to fix that. The only ones that should be mad at us is American motocross, I 100% think they have a reason to be mad, we 100% are going to be a competitor to them – we are going to run races during the summer.

“Supercross year round is what everybody wants to do. I know it and I have seen it and everybody wants to come.

“America is protecting America and I think that’s fair. The riders are going to have to make some decisions and I think those guys will be the ones that lead the new direction of whatever that is. The world does not revolve around one country, it’s a very powerful country and I think it’s a very strong market, it’s why WSX and American MX can be sustainably ran at the same time, I genuinely believe that’s possible.

“I have information that manufacturers are interested, when you start going globally and into their markets that sell thousands of motorcycles that may not be dirt bikes, you get their attention, I think positive things are happening.”

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