Video: Behind the bullet – record breaker Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings gives on his view on makes a guy talented on a bike and a record breaking champ. Will Herlings make it 103 this weekend in Latvia?

“What makes a guy talented as a motocross rider? I believe it is a combination of many things. First of all you need the technique to be a great rider because without the technique and the talent, you will not get there, but at the same time you need to have the work ethic, the dedication, the right team, the right material, so it’s a combination of many things. But it all starts with having the pure talent and the gift from above for being a good motocross rider.”

Go for a look behind the scenes with Jeffrey Herlings as he wins a record breaking 102nd GP win to break Stefan Everts 101 Grand Prix win record as Joel Smets remembers the first time he saw Herlings race on an 80 and thought his throttle was sticking the dutch star was so wide open!