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Video: Barcia T-bone’s Jett Lawrence

Video: Barcia T-bone’s Jett Lawrence

After losing the second moto win because of jumping on a cross-flag on the chequered flag, due to a fallen Vince Friese, Jett Lawrence then got absolutely T-boned by Justin Barcia on lap one of the third main event, and looked injured, before somehow getting back on the bike and logging laps a lap down and at a much slower pace than usual.

The championship is now down to 8 points over Webb as Tomac won the overall.

See the take-out below:

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Barcia came over to Jett immediately to apologise….with Hunter Lawrence saying in the press conference that Jett doesn’t seem to have any major injuries, at least upon initial checks after the race.

Kellan Brauer said Jett even gave Justin a thumbs up after a long talk….was Barcia’s mind on protecting himself from Friese going into the turn then he went in to hot and wiped Jett out?

Has Vince Friese accidently without any intent or knowledge affected two of the three motos Jett raced in tonight, and the championship, without directly doing anything to Jett?!

Barcia plus Friese = pain for Jett Lawrence. What a brutal night for Jett who didn’t even make a mistake on track…just wrong place wrong time both times.