Video: Apico Honda at Lyng

Martin Barr continued his strong start to the season at Lyng along with Tom Grimshaw on the Apico Honda

Barr said of his day that saw him take sixth overall : “I was only 1.2 seconds off pole, and 0.3 off Jeffery Herlings, that will probably be the closest I’ll ever be to him. It was tough to pass Toddy (in race one), especially without goggles, I did have a small crash and lost a couple of places though managed to continue for 7th in race 1″.

“Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions and mud load on the roll-offs, the string on them broke, so I rode without goggles (in race two) and was unable to pass Toddy for a second race due to the nature of the track and how the lines were. All considered, I’m happy with 6th overall in the MX1 class. Thanks to the team for keeping the Honda CRF450r on song all weekend, it wasn’t easy with the conditions. Thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support”.

Grimshaw who took 11th overall, said: “We had lots of rain, which made it difficult, though I was a little disappointed with myself as I usually do well in those conditions. It was one of those days where it didn’t come together. “The Honda CRF450r helped me through the first lap after a poor start where I was pretty much last to 9th place. The power of the Honda and riding smart kept me in that position, and I had to ride out the end of the race without a clutch to finish 9th.

““I didn’t get the start (in race two), going into the first turn last, with the conditions the way they were, I couldn’t afford to let the rest of the field get away from me.  I’ve had better weekends; we know the problems and they are fixable. I had 2 terrible starts that led to 2 not-so-great races. We look forward to Preston Docks and will be looking for better results”.