Video: 2024 250f Yamaha revealed!

The 250 has got the 2023 450 upgrades, and it’s “lighter, sharper and more advanced!” You can also buy it in the 50th anniversary white! See more below:

The new 2024 YZ250F takes the superior race-tested qualities of its predecessor and expands them in a lighter, slimmer, sharper and more usable package designed to continue dominating the competition
Completely redesigned aluminum bilateral beam frame based on the flagship YZ450F provides the perfect balance of straight-line stability and cornering performance
Revised, fully adjustable KYB® coil spring-type fork with speed-sensitive damping now includes hand-adjustable knob for toolless compression adjustment
Linkage-type rear suspension features a fully adjustable KYB® shock with revised settings for enhanced performance
A flatter, more narrow body design eases rider movement and updated ergonomics offer increased legroom and more comfort
Advanced 250cc four-stroke engine features a high-spec piston, aggressive cam profiles and forward positioned intake cylinder head layout for a broad, useable powerband
More efficient intake path further boosts mid- to high-rpm engine performance
Innovative wrap-around exhaust design improves mass centralization and power characteristics
Ultra-compact 44mm Mikuni® throttle body ensures optimum fuel atomization while saving weight and improving mass-centralization
Revised Yamaha Power Tuner App is even more user-friendly with intuitive new “Quick Setting” slide bar, helpful new engine and suspension tuning guides, and additional new features
New three-level selectable Traction Control System controlled through the Power Tuner App maintains ideal rear wheel traction
Updated Launch Control System now features adjustable rpm limiting for improved launches when the gate drops
Two-mode adjustable engine mapping allows on-the-fly selection between two maps via new handlebar-mounted push-button switchgear
Large 270mm front brake disc and 240mm rear disc are coupled with a Nissin calipers to provide exceptional stopping power and control
Durable, large-diameter 15-plate clutch withstands the high demands of motocross racing
Lightweight, tapered 1-1/8-inch aluminum handlebars secure to four-position adjustable handlebar mounts
Wide 55mm footpegs
Compact, lightweight push-button electric start provides effortless restarts
Premium embedded graphics provide excellent durability and scratch resistance
Advanced computer-aided wheel design shaves weight without sacrificing durability
Rear wheel comes laced in a three-cross-spoke pattern for improved impact absorption and rider feel
Race-developed Dunlop® Geomax MX33 tires

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