Vialle/Deegan penalty controversy – decision explained

Both 250 motos results were delayed at Pala as the AMA tried to rule on off track excursions for Haiden Deegan and Tom Vialle – but only Vialle got penalized!

Vialle was given a 1 place demotion for going off track in race one at Pala pushing the Frenchman down from 3rd to 4th but Deegan also went off track twice and received no penalty as he appeared to slow down.

Deegan then went off track again in race two and the results still weren’t official even during the press conference but, ultimately, Deegan wasn’t penalised and held onto the win despite it being a very similar infraction to Vialle!

See the Vialle incident at 30 seconds it and Deegan’s at 3 minutes 9 seconds in…

Steve Matthes tweeted an explanation explanation he got for Vialle being penalized because Vialle “gained time,” but Deegan “lost time.”

See the press conference below: