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Tomac on Webb, mental strength and outdoors

Tomac on Webb, mental strength and outdoors
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Eli Tomac took a huge step towards his third supercross titles with a smart second at Nashville, yet again doing what he had to do under pressure as his closest rival Cooper Webb left the heat race with a concussiona dn out for the night. Eli now has an eighteen point lead with two rounds to go and spoke about the incident with Webb in the press conference following a question from Jason Weigandt.

We at Gatedrop asked about his mental strength at this point in his career that allows him to perform so well under pressure plus his outdoor prep with a new bike.

This is what Tomac had to say:

On Webb.. I saw it. He actually caught me off guard in the second turn and it kind of spooked me and then I just went and tried to do the same move to him in the third turn there after the whoops, I don’t think we even touched, it’s almost like spooked him too and then he washed his front end out. I looked back to see if he fell, and then i saw Adam hit his head, it was gnarly, it’s unfortunate when you see a guy get hit like that when he is down

On if this is the strongest he has been mentally…I think so, for sure as you get into your late 20s, your mind changes a little bit, your patience changes a lot and you’ve been doing it a long time. I feel like my mind is absolutely the best it’s been for racing.

Outdoor testing with a new bike… Yeah, we abviously are on the new chassis, the new motorcycle, we do have to start over again. This bike, I wasn’t able to bolt on my previous settings straight onto it, we will have some work but I am confident I have the team to put it in the right spot.

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